Camaxtli - Dennis Kelley Jr.

Chimalma - Don Gabel

Huemac - Dave Hope

Titlauacan - Ernie Boulicault

Cuauhtemoc - Dennis Kelley Sr.

Nezahualcoyotl - Rich Viner

Calpixque - Rich Steed

Tlacuilo - Rick Pollick

"Big Q" 100-Gun Raffle

2016 Presentation of Officers


Where FUN is the name of the game!!! Ole......

Membership is extended by invitation only. The honor of membership is open for Shrine Masons having distinguished themselves in service to their Temple and having associated with others for fun and fellowship.

A Member is known as an Artisan (worker of the temple) or Coate (co-ah-tay) having the Indian meaning of twin brother. The Lodge or Temple is known as a Teocalli (tay-oh-cah-lee) which is the Aztec synonym.

Like Imperial Shrine Associations, Local Teocallis are grouped by regional associations, and like the Imperial Shrine, generally controlled by the Supreme Teocalli. The jurisdiction of the Supreme Teocalli is the See of North America.

One of the common threads passing throughout the disparate local Teocallis is that of its philanthropy. The philanthropy of the Order of Quetzalcoatl is to assist and support the Supreme Teocalli and local Shrine Temples, particularly in the area of transportation funds for the Shrine Hospitals for Children.